2015 Achievements

DBEAR & Co would like to thank our brilliant and loyal clients for a very successful, fun and exciting 2015. Our event and exhibition designs this year have been creative, playful and full of industry leading technology.

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We have enjoyed the many challenges which have been thrown at us on the production journey.

We must thank our suppliers who have assisted us in our many success stories this year. They are a key part in helping DBEAR & Co deliver first class events every time.

Finally we must also thank our remarkable and talented DBEAR team of professionals who have literally worked their socks off to bring about the following achievements:

  • 18 Bespoke Custom Built Stands
  • 60 Modular System Builds
  • 11 Pop up Stands
  • 213 Roller Banners
  • 1,100 Square Metre Dye-Sub Printed Fabric
  • 3,500 Square Metre UV Printed Canvas
  • 11 Countries Worldwide

We are very proud of our many achievements in 2015 and we are looking forward to many many more success stories in 2016 with our brilliant clients. We wish every success to our clients & suppliers in 2016.

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