The Right Exhibition Partner

Have you been given the task to find your companies next big exhibition partner? Not sure where to start? Too much choice? Not enough simple solutions? That is where I come in (hopefully).

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DBEAR & CO can see five really simple reasons as to how we could help you provide your companies next kick-ass exhibition!

(Because two superheroes really are better than one!)

  1. Free Design. YES. I know. We set out a wish-list with you to ensure we understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve. What look & feel you’re going for. The experience you want for your clients & customers. Our set designers will come up with multiple concepts on budget for you to work with. You can tweak & tweak & tweak again until Perfect!
  2. No idea is too big. No matter what idea you come up with, we will work day & night to provide you with your ideal design.We like to surprise by striving to create & provide ideas and designs which you did not even think were possible.
  3. Always on hand. We aim to become an integrated part of the design/events team. Our clients reputation’s matter to us as much as our own! We love what we do & ensure our expertise assists in delivering a series of marketing events or a one off exhibition. From the smallest of design details to the stand installation, you can rely on us to be your experts in the exhibition world! No question is a silly one!
  4. Worldwide. We have experience working all over the world installing exhibition stands for some of the biggest brands out there! With one office based in London & another in Singapore the crew really are big fans of #TravelTuesday ! Follow us on twitter to see where in the world we are headed to next…
  5. Experts in our field. Without blowing our own trumpet too loud, the team really are experts at what they do! Each designer has over 10 years experience in event design . We have over 20 years in both exhibition stand installation & in the world of print… We like to think we really are experts in the exhibition & event industry. DBEAR aim to provide you with a first class experience every time.

Still have questions about how DBEAR & CO could help you bring your company or clients ideas to life? Want to know more? Feel free to get in touch today!

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